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If you’re a phonologist, I have a more in-depth page on LaTeX on my personal website—you can visit it clicking here.

If you teach or study Linguistics and use LaTeX, you may find this blog useful. The idea here is to share LaTeX code for widely used linguistic structures, such as syntactic trees, syllable/prosodic structure, SPE matrices, feature geometry etc. These are useful for handouts, exams, slide presentations and so forth. Most of what I post here is already out there, so another objective here is to make things available in a ‘quick & easy’ format (and in Portuguese): posts are short, and contain two essential things, namely, the code (so you just need to adapt it) and the pdf result (which, if you’re familiar with LaTeX, are usually the only things you want to see). You’ll notice the blog is mostly in Portuguese. That’s because most websites on LaTeX are in English, and though most linguists read English, reading about LaTeX in a foreign language might not be easy for those who have never used LaTeX. Feel free to comment and send me suggestions.

Se você estuda Linguística e usa LaTeX, este blog talvez seja útil. A ideia aqui é compartilhar código em LaTeX para que você possa criar estruturas comuns em Linguística, como árvores sintáticas, estrutura silábica/prosódica, matrizes em SPE, geometria de traços etc. A maior parte das coisas que vou postar aqui já existem em outros sites. A ideia, então, é fazer algo simples e rápido: os posts serão curtos, e contêm códigos (já prontos, então basta adaptá-los) e pdfs (resultado), que são basicamente as duas coisas de que você precisa. Sinta-se à vontade para comentar e colaborar.

Guilherme D. Garcia

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